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Hell or high water - The Eagle

Title: Hell or high water

Genre: Adventure/angst

Summary: Marcus Aquila is the only son and heir of mob boss Victor Aquila. Esca MacCunoval is his best friend, his brother in everything but blood. When Marcus' parents are murdered by a rival boss and Marcus himself is seriously wounded in the attack, their lives will never be the same. Based on this prompt at the the_eagle_kink, previously posted there.

Main Characters: Esca MacCunoval, Marcus Aquila, Uncle Aquila

Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: Nothing in this fiction belongs to me.

Warning: violence

Hell or High Water


Marcus laughs as he stumbles through the club, his cell phone pressed against his ear. “Can you hear me? Give me a minute, I’ll call you back, ok? I said I’ll call you back!”

Some of the other patrons glare at him and he waves an apology as he walks past, not even looking back to see if Frankie is following him because, well, of course he is.

Outside, the air is unexpectedly cool on his heated skin. He keeps walking until there’s at least five feet between him and the last cluster of smokers, then raises his phone again.

Frankie leans against the wall, lighting a cigarette of his own. “Mrs. Aquila or your little brother?”

“He’s not my brother,” Marcus replies automatically.

Frankie chuckles. “Tell him I say hi, will you?”

Marcus presses three – alright, so Esca got the first free number after mom and dad, but that still doesn’t make him his brother – and raises the phone to his ear.

Esca answers on the first ring. Marcus can’t help but grin the moment he hears his voice.

It’s a beautiful night, the stars are shining, the music’s loud and he’s got Esca on the phone. Life is good.

Then, his world explodes with pain.

Part 1

Tags: au, fandom: the eagle, hell or high water, nc-17

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